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Älplermagronen is the name of a main course dish in the Swiss Alps which is made from pasta, potatoes, cream, cheese and onions. It is now regarded as traditional food in the mountainous regions and history says that pasta or macaroni have been brought to Switzerland by the Italians who were working at the Gotthard tunnel. Älplermagronen are still produced today from egg pasta, preferably made of thick, short forms, such as penne or Italian maccheroni. The pasta is prepared with diced potatoes, the amount of liquid being such that it is absorbed when potatoes and pasta are tender. Then cream and coarsely grated cheese are added and the mixture is allowed to take a few minutes, until cheese is melted. The finished dish is topped with roasted onions and applesauce, a traditional accompaniment.

The dish has regional variations: in some areas strips of ham or fried bacon bits are added there; in the canton of Uri, the potatoes are omitted. A similar dish is popular in North America and Great Britain-Macaroni and cheese.

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Älplermagronen: “Swiss Mac ‘n Cheese”,