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Çılbır (Turkish eggs with yogurt) is a very popular Turkish dish prepared almost in every household, due to its simplicity, little time for preparation and nutrient features. The dish belongs to the Ottoman Cuisine and was served at Turkish sultans' palaces.

Traditional Çılbır recipe includes eggs, plain yogurt, vinegar, paprika, butter, minced garlic, dried mint and salt as the main ingredients. The eggs are poached in boiled hot water with vinegar and salt, and cooked for several minutes until egg yolks are half soft. The eggs are served on a plate and poured over with plain yogurt mixed with minced garlic. Then the butter is melted together with paprika and drizzled over the eggs. Çılbır is garnished with dried mint or chopped parsley. It is important to serve it immediately, while the contrast between the temperatures of the eggs and the yogurt still can be enjoyed. In Istanbul it is usually served with white bread or pita on brunch.

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Çılbır, Turkish Eggs with Yogurt,

Turkish Poached Eggs with Yogurt (Çılbır),