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Çipura Buğulama

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Istanbul is a large seaport. Therefore, seafood takes a pride of place in local cuisine. Çipura Buğulama is a Turkish style steamed sea bream. The fish is perfect for steaming whole. The Turkish classical recipe of steamed sea bream usually includes lemon, margarine, bay leaf, mushrooms, green pepper, tomato, dry white wine and salt. First, washed and dried mushrooms are cut into rings; green pepper are sauteed in margarine; peeled and cubed tomato are added and salt to taste. Wine is added several minutes later. When the sauce is ready, it is poured over the sea bream and placed in a deep pan. Then it is topped with sliced lemon and bay leaf, and cooked for about half an hour on moderate heat. Çipura Buğulama is usually served hot on a large plain serving plate with a simple salad.

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