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Ô-á mī-sòa (蚵仔麵線)

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Ô-á mī-sòaⁿ (蚵仔麵線, oyster vermicelli) is a kind of noodle soup that is popular in Taiwan and Xiamen. Its main ingredients are oysters and misua (Taiwanese vermicelli), made to be tasty and full of aroma. One of the famous places serving this is in Dihua Street, Dadaocheng, Taipei. A tan-brown variety of vermicelli used for this dish is made primarily with wheat flour and salt, and gains its unique color due to a steaming process which caramelizes the vermicelli and allows it to be cooked for long periods without breaking down. An alternative is vermicelli with large intestine, in which oysters are substituted with small segments of pig's large intestine.

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