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İç Pilav

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İç Pilav is a favorite pilaf of both local people and and foreign visitors. It is prepared with a great deal of spices, therefore, it has a heavenly fragrance and rich taste. This type of pilaf is one of the few served at room temperature. The traditional ingredients used for its preparation are lamb or chicken liver, finely chopped onions, butter, broth, rice, tomato, pine nuts, currants, chopped dill and all spice. First, chopped onions and pine nuts are sauteed in butter until golden brown, then currants and diced liver are added. The rice and tomatoes are added a few minutes later and cooked. When the rice is half ready, all spice and finely chopped dill are added, and a piece of paper is put under the lid to absorb the excess liquid. İç Pilav may be also served hot, it is very delicious on its own or with grilled chicken.

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Pilaf with pine nuts and currants ( ic pilav ),