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İspanaklı Yumurta

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Spinach (Turkish: İspanak) is an inevitable part of traditional Turkish cuisine and summer dishes. As spinach is very cheap in summer, and rich in vitamins and minerals, Turks used to add it in many different dishes: soups, salads, pilafs, boreks and pies. İspanaklı Yumurta or Spinach with Eggs is one of the simplest and easy recipes. The recipes of this dish vary, but the common ingredients include fresh spinach, onion, tomato, butter or vegetable oil, black and red pepper, and eggs. Those who like more nutrient products, can also add mincemeat. A big branch of spinach is washed and cut coarsely, then added to the heated pan together with finely chopped onion and tomato. When the spinach is soft ad tender, eggs are added and cooked to customers taste. The dish is served hot, while it still flavors. Once you taste it, you'll remember Turkish summer for the rest of the year.

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