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Ō͘-á-peng (芋仔冰)

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O-a-peng 01.jpg

Ō͘-á-peng (芋仔冰) is a kind of taro root ice cream, popular amongst the locals and Taiwanese visitors who wonder about the ingredients of the given dessert. It is basically made from the roots of a plant called taro from which the Taiwanese people use the leaves and flowers as well. It has a predominantly nutty flavor, although the taste is completely aside from nuts. Taro Ice Cream is prepared from mashed, steamed taro, heavy cream, whole milk, sugar, egg yolks and other flavoring components like fruits, aroma powders, honey etc. The process itself is not an easy one, but the result is worth trying it. It is served ice-cold, with different sweet toppings, or wrapped in pancake spring rolls. The aromas and tastes of this unusual dessert are unique in the whole world.

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