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Šopský salát

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Šopský Salat (mixed salad) is a traditional Bulgarian cold salad, very popular also in the Czech Republic. It is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, raw or roasted peppers (preferably roasted), sirene (white brine cheese), and parsley.

The vegetables are usually diced and salted, followed by a light dressing of sunflower oil or olive oil, which are occasionally complemented by vinegar. The addition of vinegar only contributes, however, to the sour flavor that the tomatoes impart. In restaurants, the dressings are provided separately. Lastly, the vegetables are covered in a thick layer of grated or diced sirene. In areas where sirene cheese is unavailable, feta cheese may be used as a substitute. Before being served, it is usually garnished with parsley. This salad is often consumed as an appetizer with rakija (alcoholic beverage).

Shopska salad derives its name from the regional group called Shopi living mostly in parts of Bulgaria (but also in areas of Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia).

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