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Španski Vjetar

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Španski Vjetar, literally translated as “Spanish Wind”, is a popular cake in Montenegro that is prepared for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, etc., as it is very airy, delicious and has a nice presentation, being beautifully garnished with different culinary decorations stuff. The ingredients used to make this sweet treat are: egg whites, sugar, vinegar, milk, butter, walnuts or hazelnuts, flour, heavy cream.


Egg whites are whisked with sugar and a tablespoon of vinegar until firm, the mixture being later spread on a tray and baked in the oven. Flour or semolina is combined with sugar and boiled in milk to get a pudding-like composition; ground hazelnuts are tossed into the mixture together with butter. When the pudding is cooled, it is cut and laid into the baked crust which is also spread with a topping made from blended heavy cream with sugar. The cake can be decorated with butter cream flours, or whatever comes into a chef's imagination and preference.

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