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Šunková Rolka Plněná Křenem

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Sunkova Rolka Plnena Krenem11.jpg

Šunková Rolka Plněná Křenem (ham roll filled with horseradish) is a festive Czech appetizer and an excellent dinner. It is a very simple, very delicious, and irresistible meal, which Americans usually call "Luncheables - a small lunch". The basic composition of a ham roll is generally a sheet of ham, rolled up and filled with horseradish (a good combination is also horseradish with nuts). Some versions contain also cheese, apples, lemon juice, chopped vegetables, such as carrots, onions, tomatoes or cucumbers; and other flavorings such as herbs and spices. They are commonly garnished with whipped cream or scallion and served cold. If you want a vegetarian version, you could simply omit the ham.

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Šunková roláda s křenem,

Šunková rolka s křenem - recept,

Šunkové rolky s křenovou šlehačkou,