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Açorda á Alentejana

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Açorda á Alentejana is a kind of bread soup with egg and it is very popular in Alentejo region of Portugal. It is easy and fast to prepare and very specific for the area. The ingredients of the Açorda á Alentejana are one day old bread cut in pieces, eggs and salted water (the eggs are poached in the water), garlic, cilantro and olive oil. The ingredients are mixed and served hot with some fresh cilantro on top. Usually, in every pot is placed an egg. Also, for the region is typical to make the Açorda á Alentejana with some before ahead cooked fish or other seafood.

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Bread Soup of Egg, Garlic and Cilantro (Açorda à Alentejana),

Açorda à alentejana,

Acorda A Alentejana (Bread-Thickened Garlic-Coriander Soup),