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Aab Talebi

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Aab Talebi (cantaloupe juice) is one of the Persian drinks that is not served with food, it is a very popular drink served on hot summer days and it is made all over town, at street stands or kiosks and also by hiking trails. Aab Talebi is made from Cantaloupe fruit, a species of melon with a light orange-hued flesh that is related to watermelon and honeydew. The Cantaloupe is sliced in two parts in order for the seeds to be taken out, the peeled and seedless fruit is then sliced in chunks after which the chunks are placed in a blender or squeezed through a juicer. Usually the cantaloupe is kept in cold places so it will be fresh and cold when turned into juice. Due to the thick consistency, the juice made through the blender looks like a smoothie.

Aab Talebi is refreshing and invigorating, consuming it is considered to be very healthy, as it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals also identified in the given fruit.

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