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Abernethy biscuits

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The Abernethy biscuit was invented by a Scottish doctor Dr John Abernethy, as a digestive improver and hence aid to health.

The Abernethy biscuit is an adaptation of the plain captain’s biscuit or hardtack, with the added ingredients of sugar (for energy), and caraway seeds because of their reputation for being beneficial in digestive disorders. The biscuit is a cross between an all butter biscuit and a shortcake, raising through use of ammonium bicarbonate.

Today, Abernethy biscuits are made in Edinburgh by Simmers (Estd 1888). Made in a nut-free bakery, the biscuits have no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives, and no genetically modified ingredients. The biscuits are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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