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Acqua Cotta

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Acqua Cotta (literally Cooked Water) is a very old recipe from Tuscany. This quite easily prepared dish was invented by the workers from the Tuscan Maremma which was at the time (1750) a marshland. This dish is still prepared in more traditional families. Acqua Cotta is made with onions, stalks of celery including the leaves, tomato sauce, fresh eggs, Toscan bread, Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, chili pepper and certainly water. There are several versions of Acqua Cotta in Tuscany and the whole of Italy. Acqua cotta is usually served as a one course meal. It may be accompanied by a white or light red wine.

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Acquacotta Recipe - Cooked Water - A Tuscan Peasant Soup Recipe,

Acqua cotta,