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Advocaat (or advokat) is a rich and creamy liqueur made from eggs, sugar and brandy. It has a smooth, custard-like flavor. Its contents may be a blend of egg yolks, aromatic spirits, sugar or honey, brandy, vanilla and sometimes cream (or evaporated milk).

Thick advocaat is sold on the Dutch, Belgian and Tyrolean markets and often eaten with a spoon, while a more liquid version is sold as an export. Thick advocaat contains egg yolk, and is used as a waffle topping and as an ingredient for several kinds of desserts such as ice cream and pastries. It is also served as an apéritif or digestif. The traditional way to serve it is in a wide glass with whipped cream and cocoa powder sprinkled on top.

In the export variety only the pure egg yolks are used, making it particularly well suited for cocktails and long drinks.

The original advocaat was a liquor made by the Dutch population of Suriname and Recife with avocados. Upon returning to the Netherlands, where avocados were not available, a similar texture was achieved with thickened egg yolk.

The German equivalent is called Eierlikör. It is based on either brandy or rectified spirit. The Polish equivalent called ajerkoniak is based on vodka instead of brandy, despite what the name may suggest. Rompope of Puebla, Mexico, and Sabajón of Colombia are very similar liquors based on egg yolk and vanilla. Some varieties have additional flavourings.

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