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Agnello arrosto

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Agnello arrosto with vegetables

Agnello arrosto is a classic Tuscan dish, served usually at special occasions like dinner parties, family celebrations and others. The recipe of the dish is quite simple, but the result is always delicious. The dish is made of either leg or shoulder of lamb, wine or apple vinegar (the vinegar may be replaced with dry white wine), extra virgin olive oil, fresh rosemary and thyme sprigs, garlic cloves, fennel seeds, salt and ground pepper. The meat is pierced in several places and the cuts are filled with the rest of the ingredients, which have to be mashed and initially mixed together. The lamb is introduced in the hot oven for about an hour during which it is sprinkled several times with the liquid it produces. The agnello arrosto is served either divided in irregular sized pieces or slices.

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Agnello arrosto,

La ricetta per un succulento agnello arrosto,

Agnello arrosto,

Coscio Di Agnello Arrosto (leg Of Lamb),