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Aguapanela or agua de panela is a drink native to southern Central America and northern South America. It literally means "panela water" as it is an infusion made from panela which is a hardened, concentrated syrup from the cane. It is fairly common in Colombia and Ecuador. Aguapanela is made by melting fragments of panela in water and stirring until the fragments are entirely dissolved. The drink may be served hot or cold, with lemon or lime often being added. In the hot form, sometimes milk or a chunk of cheese is added in place of fruit juice. Aguapanela is the traditional drink served with many dishes in the colombian cuisine, especially in the paisa region, such as to accompany the bandeja paisa and the sancocho soup, and it is often also served alone as a thirst quencher.

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Typical Colombian Drink - Aguapanela,

Colombian Aguapanela,