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Aigle les Murailles

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Aigle les Murailles is a famous Swiss wine made from Chasselas grape, which is considered to be the beverage specifically produced in the Canton of Vaud. Its label has a salamander printed on, due to which it is very easy to be recognized, while the name is said to come from the fact that Chasselas grapes were growing on terraced vineyards behind the town of Aigle, which was in back times surrounded by stone walls (Murailles). The wine itself has a light golden yellow color with some caramel tones and it is recorded to be a dry drink with a rich fruity taste, being quite mineral cold at first but ending by a warming note. The wine's taste is just perfect for a real wine connoisseur. Aigle les Murailles is also popular in local cuisine, especially with cheese fondue, white meats or freshwater fish. When ordering these dishes don't forget to enjoy the subtle flavor of this wine.

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Les Murailles, Aigle AOC Chablais,


Aigle "Les Murailles" - 2009,