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Alella is a Spanish Denominación de Origen (DO) (Denominació d'Origen in Catalan) for wines produced in Maresme county in the Spanish autonomous region of Catalonia, located in the province of Barcelona.

The Alella wine region includes 7 grape plantations. Wines have been produced in this area since the time of the ancient Romans, and were mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his Naturalis Historia and by Martial in his Epigrams, when they were known as vins laietans.

The wine includes a lot of grape variations, the most popular ones being Garnacha blanca, Xarel·lo (Pansa blanca) used to produce white wines and Garnacha Negra- for red wines.

Marques De Alella (Alella Clasico) is a famous variety of this wine characterized by a golden-greenish color, rich taste and an intense fruity flavor.

During the Middle Ages Alella wine was served at the court of the Kings of Aragón.

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