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Almond jelly

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Almond jelly, almond pudding, or almond tofu (杏仁豆腐) is a popular dessert in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Japan and often found in dim sum restaurants worldwide, commonly garnished with wolfberries.

Traditional recipe

In the traditional recipe, the primary ingredient is southern Chinese almond (南杏, which is in fact apricot kernel) or sweet Chinese almond, soaked and ground with water. The almond milk is extracted, sweetened, and heated with a gelling agent (usually agar). When chilled, the almond milk mixture solidifies to the consistency of a soft gelatin dessert.


Almond jelly can be made using instant mix or from scratch. Although the agar-based recipe is vegan, there are numerous nontraditional recipes that are not. Most of them are based on dairy products and a small amount of almond-flavored extract. Gelatin is also a common substitute for agar. There is also an "instant" almond-flavored soy-based powder with a coagulating agent, which dissolves in hot water and solidifies into sweetened soft tofu upon cooling.

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