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Andouille is defined as a coarse-grained smoked meat. It originated in France and the oldest document where it was mentioned dates back to 1393. There are several types of andouille, one of the oldest ones being the andouille à Jargeau, mentioned in documents from the Middle Ages. Other types of andouilles become known in 1767, like the andouilles de Troyes, de Saint-Malo, de Cambrai and d'Auray, they are all mentioned in the Gazetin du Comestible. In 1778 several Breton andouilles, including the andouille de Guémené, appear in the Almanach du Comestible. At the same time the andouille de Vire is mentioned.

Beginning with the 19th century, the andouille becomes popular in Paris. Andouilles made of pork, veal, beef, game or fish are served poached in the best restaurants of Paris.

During the 19th century other andouilles from Brittany acquire a reputation, especially the andouille de Cahard. In 1926 the andouille d'Aire-sur-la-Lys is first mentioned. However the history of andouilles does not end here, in 1986 the andouilles de Revin are introduced in the Deli Code as a regional specialty.

Varieties of andouille

  • Andouille de Guémené : It is distinguished by its concentric circles of slices and brown envelope. Another feature is that it is cooked in a broth flavored with hay. It is prepared by hand.
  • Andouille de Vire: It exists in two varieties the superior and traditional, both prepared by hand. The first is composed primarily of the digestive tract of the pig, with 50% chitterlings, while the second is made with pork belly.
  • Andouille de Cambrai: It is yellow on the outside, pink and marbled inside, it is known for its spicy flavor.
  • Andouille d'Aire-sur-la-Lys : It is flavored by sage smoking and when it is not smoked it is entirely white.
  • Andouille de Revin : It is beige outside and it is pink inside.
  • Andouille de Jargeau : Unlike the other specialties it is composed of a mixture of pork belly and shoulder.

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