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Apfelschorle, also Apfelsaftschorle, is a popular soft drink in Germany. It consists of carbonated mineral water and apple juice. The broader category Fruchtschorle consists of any fruit juice mixed with carbonated water, but Apfelschorle is by far the most common. Spritzer (that is wine mixed with carbonated water) is called Weinschorle.

Apfelschorle contains fewer calories and is less sweet than pure apple juice. This makes it popular in summer and among athletes. Commercially available Apfelschorle generally contains between 55% and 60% juice.

Brands of Apfelschorle in Germany include Lift, Gerolsteiner (which also sells mineral water) and Bizzl. However, in most bars and restaurants, Apfelschorle is mixed ad hoc from apple juice and carbonated water.

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