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Arrollado Huaso

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Arrollado de Huaso, popularly known as “rolled or pork roll”, is a typical Chilean dish, which consists of pork meat, seasoned and cooked in a roll form. It originates from Colonial times, when it was decided to adopt it as high specialty dish. A few ingredients, were produced and added by the locals in Chile, but the basis of this preparation comes from the European tradition, particularly the Spanish cuisine. In many regions of Chile there are competitions where the best Arrollado Huaso is chosen by the first criterion for classification - size. One of the localities that have adopted this custom is Calera de Tango, which produces the "Chile's largest Huaso".


The classical ingredients for this dish are: pork meat, bacon, vinegar, garlic, salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper and beef bouillon. The meat is cut into strips and marinated in a sauce prepared from vinegar, salt, garlic, chili and cumin. The next day it is rolled in pork skin which is also sprinkled with marinade, and tied with a string. It is boiled in beef broth and is preferred either cold or hot with any side dishes like rice, potatoes, salads etc. The dish is really hearty and flavor and is a good filling for an empty stomach.

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