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Asparagi alla Milanese

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Asparagi alla Milanese (Milanese Asparagus) is a perfect luncheon or a starter course dish very popular in Milan and its areas. It is a kind of updated version of classical steamed asparagus, as it has amongst the ingredients eggs, fresh-grated Parmigiano, butter, salt and pepper. Lombardia, where asparagus is grown, is a popular area for this dish, although people living there are pleased to let the others cultivate and cook it. This recipe has a history which tells that Julius Caesar was once visiting Mediolanum (the Celtic city later called Milano) where he tasted first asparagus cooked with butter not oil and he greatly enjoyed it. Asparagi alla Milanese are simple to prepare as the asparagus is boiled, not until it gets soggy, then arranged on a serving plate, dusted abundantly with Parmigiano cheese and finally, a couple of eggs are fried in much butter and placed on the top of the dish so that they melt the cheese which should mix with asparagus stock. There are variations of this classical recipe, as the asparagus can be grilled instead of boiled, eggs may be omitted from the list of ingredients, all these modifications depending on the customer's wish and taste!

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Milanese Asparagus - Asparagi alla Milanese,

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