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Augustiner beer

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Augustiner Bräu is a brewery located in Munich, Germany that was established in 1328, being Munich's oldest still independent brewery and producing some of the most popular brands of beer.

Augustiner beer is normally found within the Greater Munich area, but in the last few years it became quite popular outside of Munich, for example in Berlin where dozens of bars offer it. The reputation of the brewery is so good that the company does not engage in any advertising campaigns. As an example, when most German breweries changed their bottle to a slim and more modern design to give their beer a more classy and less old fashioned appearance some ten years ago, Augustiner stuck with the "classic" older form, often nicknamed the "Bauarbeiterhalbe" (construction worker's half liter). The labels have not changed in over 20 years either and its brands nevertheless are among the most popular of Munich's beers, and the company regularly reaches an annual output of more than 90 million litres (2003).


Augustiner's most popular brand is Augustiner Helles (5.2%), a light lager beer that is given a prolonged secondary fermentation phase, this is the brand that is generally referred to when talking about Augustiner. Edelstoff is a slightly brighter, slightly sweeter, more sparkly, and stronger (5.6%) lager variant; Augustiner Dunkles, a malty dark beer; Augustiner Pils, brewed according to the original Pilsner recipe; Augustiner Weißbier; Oktoberfestbier, a style of beer (known as Märzen in German) specially brewed for the Oktoberfest.

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