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Austrian-style Warm Potato Salad

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Hot potato salad.jpg

The traditional Austrian-style Warm Potato Salad consists of fingerling potatoes, boiled with thyme and salt, onions, salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar and canola, safflower or peanut oil. In a large saucepan, the potatoes are combined with thyme and salt, then being brought to a boil. The potatoes are drained, cut and peeled while still hot, after that being stirred gently together with all other ingredients in a vegetable or chicken broth. Before serving, the broth is sauteed over medium-high heat until the salad is thoroughly heated. Served immediately, with parsley or chives garnishes.

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Austrian-style Warm Potato Salad,

Austrian-Style Warm Potato Salad,

Austrian-Style Warm Potato Salad,