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Auszogne, also called Knieküchle, Küchl (Krapfen, Kiacherl or Kiachl, in Lower Bavaria - Rottnudel, in Swabia - Fenschterkiachle), are doughnuts commonly made from yeast pastry (this usually may differ regionally), which are rather popular especially in Old Bavaria, Western Austria, Franconia and Thuringia. There are many variations of the original recipe, however, the only distinctive feature is the unusual shape of the cookies, being very thin in the middle with thick outside edges. Many chefs enrich the taste of these by adding raisins, cheese or fruits to the raw mass, which are then given the necessary shape and fried in hot oil. Auszognes are served hot or cooled, sprinkled with confectioners' sugar and accompanied by a good cup of tea, coffee, milk or any other non alcoholic beverage.

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