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Avcı Kebabı

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Avci Kebabi 01.jpg

Turkish cuisine boasts its large variety of dishes prepared from meat: stews, pilafs, kofte and of course kebabs. Many of them were invented at the times of the Ottoman Empire. Avcı Kebabı, literally translated as Hunter's Kebab, is traditionally prepared from mutton, butter, onion, tomato or tomato paste, potato, carrot, and green peas. The meat cut into small cubes, chopped onion and coarsely cut tomatoes are cooked in a saucepan with melted butter on a medium heat, until juice evaporated slightly; then water is added and the ingredients are stewed for an hour or so. When time is over, cubed potatoes and sliced carrots are added and stewed until tender. The green peas are heated in a saucepan right before serving and added to the dish.

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Avci Kebabi - HUNTERS KEBAB,