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Avgolemono Soup.jpg

Avgolemono (Greek: Αυγολέμονο) is a Greek soup made with egg and lemon juice mixed with broth, heated until they thicken but before they boil and curdle. Avgolémono translates to "egg-lemon," in English.

The soup is usually made with whole eggs; sometimes with just yolks. The whites typically are beaten first until soft peaks form and then the yolks and lemon juice are beaten into the whites until just combined. Whole eggs may also be beaten together without the initial separation. Starch may be added to the soup as an additional thickener, however, it is most often used if one omits the egg whites from the recipe, as the volume from the whipped whites creates thickness.

Avgolemono can also be used as a sauce. In this case it is used for warm dolma, for vegetables like artichokes, and for stew-like dishes where the egg-lemon mixture is used to thicken the cooking juices, such as the Greek pork with celery and the Turkish yuvarlak.

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Roast lamb with avgolemono sauce,