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Ayinger beer

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Ayinger Beer is produced by the brewery with the same name, a medium-sized German brewery located in Aying, Bavaria, about 25 km from Munich. Approximately 10% of Ayinger beers are exported, mainly to Italy, the United States, and the rest of Europe and they have been frequent award winners in international beer competitions.

For some years, a range of beer was brewed under the Ayingerbrau name by Samuel Smith's Brewery in Tadcaster, United Kingdom; although the Ayinger logo was used, the recipes and range were different from those of the Ayinger Brewery. The arrangement ended in spring 2006, at which point Samuel Smith's rebranded the beers. Because the Oktoberfest in Munich does not allow breweries outside its city limits to participate, Ayinger Brewery organizes many smaller festivals in the countryside around Munich.

The poplar Ayinger beer types are: Celebrator Doppelbock - highest rated Doppelbock style; Jahrhundert-Bier - highest rated Munich Helles style; Oktober Fest-Märzen - highest rated Vienna Märzen style; Altbairisch Dunkel, Jahrhundert-Bier, Bräu-Hell, Bräu-Weisse, Ur-Weiße, Altbairisch-Dunkel, Leichte Bräu-Weisse and a lot of others. The Munchens are really proud of the great choice and varieties of this national beverage and never miss the opportunity to drink it practically every day, all the year round.

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