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Ayva Tatlısı

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Quince (Turkish: Ayva) is a delicious and fragrant fruit, rich in vitamins and minerals, and Turkish chefs managed to create a superb dessert, called Ayva Tatlısı. The traditional dessert has a saturated red color, created by adding üzüm pekmezi (red/black grapes syrup), which is often substituted by beet-root juice. The ingredients used for Ayva Tatlısı preparation are red-ripe quince, sugar, cinnamon, beet-root and lemon juice. Quince is peeled, cut in half and the kernel is removed. The halves of quince are put in a pot, mixed with sugar and cinnamon, poured over with water and boiled. Then grated or cut into small pieces beet-root and lemon juice are added to the pot together with seeds and quince peels, and boiled until quince gets red. When quince is ready, it is put into baking oven for half an hour until the syrup gets thick. Ayva Tatlısı is served with kaymak (Turkish cream), and garnished with crushed pistachio or walnut.

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