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Bärwurzschnaps is a clear, high-proof liquor from the Bavarian Forest and the Vogtland regions. It is prepared by using Ligusticum mutellina, a medicinal plant, and various local spices. The drink is characterized by a 40-50 % alcohol content and is mainly marketed as a digestive aid. The Bärwurz plant root used to make the drink should be no younger than 8 years. The collected roots are washed and crushed, then put in a special vessel, being later mixed with strong alcohol. After a holding period of 4-5 months, the plant's extract is heated in a boiler and distilled twice for about 3-4 hours. The obtained alcohol is stored in oak or steel barrels for up to 10 years, until the maturation is complete.

Bärwurzschnaps is produced by a series of specialized distilleries, which are mostly family-owned, and is sold in a typical cylinder-shaped bottle with a screw cap.

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