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Bülbül yuvası

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Bülbül yuvası (Turkish: bülbülyuvası, "nightingale's nest"), is a Turkish phyllo dough dessert or a kind of Turkish individually-rolled baklava. Baklava was created at the times of the Ottoman Empire, originally invented in the kitchens of Topkapı Palace, and became popular all around central and southwest Asia. Bülbül yuvası takes its name from its hollow and circular shape. Once the dessert has been baked, warm syrup is sprinkled, and the hollow center is filled with chopped pistachios or walnut before being served. The texture is crunchy, softened with clarified butter and syrup. The dessert is usually served with whipped cream.

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Bülbül yuvası,

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Baklava, "Nightingale's Nest" type (Bülbül Yuvasi),