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Bürli, literally translated as Small Bread, is a national Swiss side dish, made from sourdough and served at breakfast or barbeque fests. The common ingredients for the bread are: wheat flour, yeast, water and salt. Preparation requires much time, but not too much effort, as the making parts are rather few. The yeast is dissolved in water to which flour is added and stirred until it becomes of viscous structure. The mixture is covered and let to grow for about two days in a warm place. When the first dough is ready, salt, more flour, water and yeast are added and kneaded to a softer texture; it is cut into pieces which are put together to form a kind of butterfly shape and baked in the oven. They are served fresh but previously cooled. The tourists use to say that the name small bread does not really mean that the initial size of it is small, as the pieces are rather big.

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