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BBQ Pig Feet

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Pig feet, which are also known as trotters, represents a greasy, sticky cut of pork. A long time ago, the pig feet were known as being a popular peasant food both, in Europe and the United States. The dish is very popular in the Southern part of the United States. The pig feet can be cooked in several ways, including pickling, smoking, stewing and even barbecuing. Since Chicago is known for its barbecue culture, it is not a surprise that they are also known for their bbq pig feet.

Though it takes some effort to barbecue the pig feet, the result is definitely worth it. First of all, the feet are very well washed, after what they are cleaned and boiled along with some spices for about 2 - 3 hours until they get tender. The trotters are then baked or grilled and garnished with barbecue sauce. They are usually served with steamed vegetables; mashed potatoes being another common complement.

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