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Bacala is a dish typical for the Catalan cuisine, representing salt cod fish. When this dish is well-cooked, it represents a delight characterized by a firm and slightly chewy texture. If prepared appropriately, this dish is not fishy in flavor at all.

The traditional recipe for preparing bacala calls for the use of three up to six feet long cod and salt it about ten days ahead, partially drying it. Before being prepared, the salted cod must initially be soaked. Once it is soaked, the skin and the bones are removed, being ready for use. The flesh must be malleable, firm and not feel woody.

For the preparation of this dish are used such ingredients as dried bacala, tomatoes, onion, capers, hot chili flakes, olive oil and dried white wine. In order to increase the flavor, parsley and fresh mint are often being used.

Bacala is usually served warm, being accompanied by freshly made hot polenta and a glass of white wine.

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