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Bacalla a la llauna

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Bacalla a la llauna is a classic codfish dish from the Catalan cuisine.

Once desalted, the codfish is cut into pieces and dried, afterwards is dipped in flour and fried in hot oil. The fish is then set on a high tin, that would be appropriate to be placed in the oven.

Slices of garlic cloves, along with pimento are then fried in the same oil. In order to avoid these ingredients from getting burnt, a little bit of wine is usually added. This combination is then poured over the codfish and the tray is put in the oven to grill.

Bacalla a la llauna is most often served warm.

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Bacallà a la Llauna- Cod In The Pan,

Bacalla a la Llauna - Codfish in the Llauna,

Bacalla a la Llauna,