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Baccelli e pecorino

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Funny baccelli e pecorino

Baccelli e pecorino is an extremly easy to cook appetizer, specific to the Tuscan cuisine. The recipe of the dish includes young baccelli (known otherwise as fava beans), young fresh pecorino cheese (if the cheese is not young, it's odor shadows the aroma of the beans), extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. The ingredients are mixed together and chilled for at least one hour. In some cases, the dish is enriched with oregano, parsley leaves, red wine vinegar and garlic cloves. The salad is usually served with slices of bread.

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Baccelli E Pecorino,

Baccelli e pecorino Baccelli e pecorino (Young broad beans and pecorino cheese),

Бобы и пекорино сыр (Baccelli e pecorino),

Pecorino e Baccelli,