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Bah Geng

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Bah Geng, called Rou Geng in Mandarin, is a Taiwanese common snack dish consisting mainly of boiled pork and fish paste which is shaped by hand, Chinese white cabbage and bamboo sprouts. Geng (羹) refers to a range of thick soup, usually containing starch which makes the soup translucent and smooth. There are different meat geng like ones with noodles, rice vermicelli, white rice and various tastes enriched by adding dried codfish or sate sauce.


The slim and fat pork is ground and mixed with salt, sugar, white pepper powder, sesame oil, fried red onion and Tapioca or potato starch. A bit of fish paste is added to the mixture which is later given shape by hand. Mushroom, white cabbage and threads of bamboo sprouts, previously stirred in oil, are put in the boiling pot with meat. It is served in a bowl sprinkled with coriander on the top and spiced with soy sauce, Taiwanese black vinegar and white pepper.

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Taiwanese Meat Soup 肉羹 Rou Geng,

Geng (dish),

Taiwanese Meat Soup (Ro Geng),