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Balık ekmek (fish sandwich)

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Balik Ekmek, (meaning fish in bread) is a very popular street food in Turkey. The sandwich is simply made of grilled fish fillet placed in a half-loaf of bread. Peppers, onions, fresh lettuce and tomatoes can be added to the sandwich to enrich the flavor. Drink called salgam – pickle juice, is a perfect accompaniment to the aromatic fish sandwich. Balik Ekmek is available almost in every small café shops and street vendors.

The idea of this simple but delicious and fresh snack was born long time ago when the fishermen were coming to Istanbul's Galata Bridge with their catch for sale. A couple of the boatsmen decided to cook the fish right on the boat and sell it as a ready-to-eat food. They built grills and fryers on their boats and started to grill fish fillets, stuff them in bread and sell cooked sandwiches from the boat to people. They shouted Balik ekmek! Balik ekmek!

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Balik Ekmek (fish sandwich) ,

Balik Ekmek (Turkish fish sandwiches) ,

Balik Ekmek (fish and bread),