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Barbajada (Crema di Cioccolato al Caffè) is a Lombardian coffee, especially served as a accompaniment to Milanese sweets. It was first invented by Dominic Barbaja, a coffee boy who became a great musician and the founder of the renowned Café Virtuosi of the La Scala Theatre.


Barbajada is made with bitter chocolate, milk and coffee in equal doses, sugar, cold water, fresh cream, all whisked until frothing and served either cold in summer time or hot in winter. The preparation is simple as the chocolate and sugar are put in a pan and heated until melting, gradually cold water is poured in, then milk, coffee and finally a spring of fresh cream on the top.

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Barbajada- Crema di Cioccolato al Caffe',


BARBAJADA e dolcezze lombarde,