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Basler Leckerli

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The Basler Läckerli , also Leckerli or Läggerli, "lecker" meaning "delicious", is a traditional hard spice biscuit originating from Basel, Switzerland. The Leckerli originates from the time of the Basel Council (1431 to 1449) that was an assembly of church officials. The rectangular pastry that they liked, soon became a world famous cookie of ginger bread containing lots of honey, candied fruits, nuts, flour, sugar and Kirsch as the basic ingredients.


Honey, cinnamon and sugar are placed in a pan and heat up, to which clove powder and nutmeg are added. Finally melted enough candied fruits and lemon peel are tossed in, together with Kirsh, flour and baking powder. All the components are kneaded well until soft dough is formed, which while being warm is rolled out and baked in the oven. Confectioner’s sugar is mixed with Kirsch or water and sprinkled on the pastry, which is then cut into rectangular pieces, coated with sugar and served at breakfast. The taste and flavor of this dessert is something one would wish with tea, juice, hot chocolate or coffee.

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Basler Leckerli (Basel cookies),

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