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Bayrisch Blockmalz

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Bayrisch blockmaltz 01.jpg

Bayrisch Blockmalz is a Bavarian candy that basically consists of sugar caramel and at least 5% of malt extract; its taste is malty sweet and has a rough punched block form. The sweets have a hard texture and usually weigh from 6-9 grams per piece.

First Bavarian Blockmalz were made in the drugstore of Dr. Carl Soldan, opened in 1899, which later developed into a wholesale market bearing the name of Dr. C. Soldan GmbH Bavarian Blockmalz. Originally, it was used as a remedy for coughs and throat infections and even today it is partially dissolved in hot milk or tea to cure the latter mentioned maladies. Bavarian Blockmalz can be found in German supermarkets, but also in local pharmacies and drugstores.

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Bayrisch Blockmalz,

Bayrisch Blockmalz,

Dr. C. Soldan Aecht Bayrischer Blockmalz Bonbons 100g,