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Becherovka is a herbal bitter made in Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic by Jan Becher. Greenish yellow in color, it contains water, alcohol, sugar and a specific mixture of spices. The beverage is also flavored with anise seed, cinnamon, and approximately 32 other herbs. Its alcohol content is 38% ABV (76 proof). Those who tasted Becherovka, know already that this popular drink is 100% natural and has no chemical ingredients.

Becherovka is usually served cold and is often used as an aid to digestion. It may also be served with tonic water, a drink that is known as a beton (Czech for "concrete"). It is used in several former Eastern Bloc countries as a home remedy for arthritis. Commercial production of Becherovka started in 1807.

Today there are only two people who know the secret of the entire production process: these two are the only ones allowed to enter the Drogikamr room, where, once a week, they prepare a mixture of the many herbs and spices used in the drink's creation. Some of the herbs are imported from abroad, and some of them grow around Karlovy Vary.

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