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Beerenburg (Frisian: Bearenburch) is a Dutch drink, made by adding herbs to jenever, with about 30% alcohol.

The original Beerenburg was made in the mid-19th century with a secret mixture of spices by the Amsterdam spice merchant Hendrik Beerenburg, to whom it owes its name. Soon local Beerenburg varieties emerged, each with its own recipe. These were, however, not allowed to use the name Beerenburg, which is why there are variations on the spelling, such as Berenburg and Berenburger.

Despite the Amsterdam (North-Holland) origin of Beerenburg, the drink became the most popular in Friesland and, to a lesser extent, in Groningen and Drenthe.


Two famous brands of Beerenburg are Sonnema (Dokkum) and Weduwe Joustra (Sneek) Berenburg from Friesland.

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Beerenburg, een Fries kruidenmengsel uit Amsterdam,