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Bergkäse, literally translated as "mountain cheese", names a group of cheeses produced in the Alps, including: Battelmatt, Fontina, Piora, Gruyère, Montasio, Vacherin Fribourgeois, Walliser.

The term is used also generically (especially in Austria) for cheeses which resemble these in taste and texture but do not come from one of the traditional cheese making regions. The texture is rather hard, sometimes with small holes or cracks, the flavour strong and often a bit nutty. These cheeses are traditionally made from unprocessed, raw mountain milk which is treated and made into the final product by master cheese makers that keep the technologies top secret. Bergkäse is greatly enjoyed by all locals as a course starter and is offered at a high variety to all tourists and countries that import this delicious "pieces of Germany's cuisine history".

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Großwalsertaler Bergkäse (Walserstolz),

Allgäuer Bergkäse,