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Bife is a steak and it is a name for a piece of fried or grilled meat, usually cut as a slice. The thickness and length can vary depending on the type of meat.

In Portugal, there are numerous recipes for bife, such as “Bife à Portuguesa”, “Bife à Marrare”, “Bitoque”, and many others. Typically, these are recipes that use beef. Sometimes the name of the bife dish is according the piece of beef that is used like bife do lombo, bife da vazia, bife da alcatra, bife do acém, bife do pojadouro and bife do cachaço. Restaurants designated as breweries are usually experts in steaks, in addition to beer.

Usually, bife is first marinated a little in a mixture of garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper. Then the bife is baked, fried or grilled with some herbs or garnished with some herb before serving. Also, some lemon juice can be spread on the bife or it can be served with some sauce. Bife can be served as a main dish or as a side dish with some vegetables or potatoes.

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Bife de Chorizo,