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Bissli (Hebrew: בִּיסְלִי‎‎, Bisli) is an Israeli wheat snack produced by the Osem corporation. Bissli is Osem's leading snack brand after Bamba.

Over 4,000 tons of Bissli are produced each year in an array of shapes and flavors. Bissli is a crunchy snack that has been likened to fried pasta. The name is a combination of two Hebrew words: Bis meaning "bite" and li meaning "for me."

The most popular flavors are "Grill" and "Barbecue". Other flavors include onion, smoky, pizza, falafel, taco and hamburger. Each flavor is shaped differently: the pizza flavored snacks are shaped like wheels, the onion flavor like small hoops, and the smoky flavor like small hollow tubes.

Described by the manufacturer as a uniquely Israeli product, Bissli is produced at five factories around the United States. It first came out on the market in 1970.

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