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Black Beans a la Olla

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Black Beans a la Olla is a typical main course dish in Argentina, made from beans, spices and tomato sauce – flavorful and very delicious. The cooking method involves chopped onions and garlic cloves being sautéed in olive oil until golden brown in color. Black beans, chopped tomatoes, ground cumin, tomato sauce, cayenne pepper are being added to the onion mass and left to simmer. Just before the dish is ready, chopped fresh cilantro and green onions are being stirred to the dish to add some extra flavor and color. Aromatic Black Beans a la Olla are served hot garnished with fresh coriander. Goes well with rice or fresh bread.

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Black Beans a la Olla ,

Black Beans a la Olla ,

Black Beans a la Olla ,