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Amerikaner, also known as Black and White cookies, are made with flour, sugar, egg, fat, milk or water and as a leavening agent it is used ammonium bicarbonate or baking powder, which, accordingly, give the pastry its typical aroma. There are various speculations about the origin of the name of this dessert, as one claim that it derives from ammonium bicarbonate, other that after the World War II some ingredients for a cake American style could not be found in Germany, thus the locals invented their own recipe and gave it the name Amerikaner. Another variant states that German people could not pronounce Black and White cookies and simplified its name to Amerikaner. The one definite thing is that the dessert came into the German cuisine before the Second World War and till nowadays it is a popular sweet treat for birthdays and parties as it is beautifully decorated with sugar frosting, melted chocolate, gummy bears, colored sugar sprinkles, etc., all depending on individual imagination and preference.

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